The Armenian Weekly – April 2015 Hairenik USA 2015


4 -Contributors
7 -Editor’s Desk

8 -2015 and Beyond—By Henry C. Theriault
17 -Resistance and Resilience—By Marian Mesrobian MacCurdy
21 -Choosing ‘Co-Resistance’ Rather than ‘Turkish-Armenian Dialogue’—By Nancy Kricorian
23 -Murder Cannot Be Hid Long. The Truth Will Out —By Chris Bohjalian
25 -The Armenian Key to the Homeland—By George Aghjayan
28 -The Story of Two Armenian Midwives —By Khatchig Mouradian

31 -The Lessons of Late Ottoman Genocides for Contemporary Iraq and Syria—By Hannibal Travis
38 -Determined Triumph—By Knarik O. Meneshian
43 -The View from the Roofs of Mardin: What Everyone Saw in the ‘Year of the Sword’—By David Gaunt

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