The Armenian Weekly – May 2018 Hairenik USA 2018


4 -Contributors
7 -Editors’ Desk

9 -A Glimpse into the First Armenian Republic Archives— By George Aghyayan
13 -Celebrating the Republic—By Hayk Demoyan

16 -The First Republic as a Turning Point for the Armenian Nation: A Conversation with Professor Richard G. Hovannisian

21 -Becoming Aram: The Formative Years of a Revolutionary Statesman (1879–1908)—By Khatchig Mouradian
27 -Marriage Contract: Armenians Against Venereal Diseases at the Beginning of the 20th Cenury—By Anna Aleksanyan
32 -The Lasting Legacy of the Second Congress of Western Armenians—By Jano Boghossian
35 -The Legacy of the First Republic of Armenia During the Soviet Era: The Tumultous 1960s—By Vahram Ter-Matevosyan
38 -A View from the Bosphorus: Zaruhi Bahri’s Take on the First Republic of Armenia and Its Sovietization —By Lerna Ekmekcioglu

43 -The ARF Response to the Demise of the First Republic —By Michael G. Mensoian

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