The Armenian Weekly – December 2015 Hairenik USA 2015


4 -Contributors
7 -Editor’s Desk

6 -The Founding of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation —By Murad A. Meneshian
16 -Recounting a Journey that Began in 1890 —By Michael G. Mensoian
21 -The Artsakh Struggle and the ARF—By Antranig Kasbarian

30 -A Celebration of 125 Years of Service—By Hayg Oshagan
32 -The Dashnaktsakan . . . —By Tatul Sonentz-Papazian
33 -Our Shortcomings and the Work Ahead —By Aghvan Vardanyan
35 -Embracing Social Justice: The ARF in Armenia —By Houry Mayissian

38 -Time for a New Awakening: The Importance of Translating Our Foundational Texts—By Rupen Janbazian
42 -In Search of the ARF 1908 Istanbul Headquarters —By Varak Ketsemanian & Daniel Ohanian
45 -The Ghosts of Bank Ottoman Past—By Eric Nazarian

46 pages Ներբեռնել